We from the Chairvillage have just had enough of the constant testing. The customer comes into the shop and turns around the chair: he gently strokes the cover, then he hits hard (until all the feathers jump, if the chair has one) and, as a great gentleman, he takes a comfortable seat and falls into his whole weight. In the end, the enthusiast seesaws so that he doesn't owe the new Adept for the household. But really, my dear! The admission interview between Homo Sapiens and Rex Sella is hardly accompanied by enviable ordeals. But we are the guarantors and we behaved much gentler towards our new owners, who we also wanted to "check out". Judge for yourself: We only asked one question (5 in 1☺), but very directly ...

Chiavari chairs Adele

5 things Adela Chiavari is fleeing from

Wedding? No, I'm sure I don't flee from the marriage covenant. Child? Not even before that. Although you could probably guess from my way of life that I avoid these two wonders of life.

1. The first thing I flee from is something else. Isolation. Not loneliness, but loneliness. Yes, I meet friends and I also feel good in their presence. But it's not about my free time, it's about interaction, relationships and yes, also fun. I'm afraid of loneliness and I don't want it. She is at the forefront of my causes of flight. And allow me to claim that their presence in a person's life can also lead to death. It is a rather sad introduction and I cannot prove it medically, but you should also deal with such things.

2. The second thing is a lack of privacy. Even though I live with friends, I need my privacy and loneliness. There is nothing to add. Instead of noise and jerk, from the acoustic smog in which only phrases, lies and stress thrive.

3. The third thing I hate from the heart are comments from acquaintances as well as unknowns about when I will marry and when I want to have children. If you've ever had goose bumps, you know what I'm talking about - I get them all over my body. The term also seems to be appropriate, because in such moments I really feel like a goose. Sure, a lot of people think I'm picky and I proudly turned down all the men who wanted to ask for my hand. Or that I prefer my career to the family. But they are poorly informed. They don't know that good men cannot be found by chance, and that family is my lifelong dream.
You'd better bite your tongue before asking a young woman on the street when she wants to get married. It really doesn't help us and it doesn't encourage us to get married. Sometimes I even have the feeling that people in the marriage covenant feel terrible and that is why they want us to get married quickly so that we are not better off than they are. And that's not all. When you get married, they tend to ask, "And is the baby coming, my dear?" And then we, singles, don't know where to hide. Better to get away very quickly!

4. The fourth escape situation, but really terrifying, is the headache before the dating parties. A single party with the only goal - to form or mate. Ugh, terrible! In any case, I'm not interested in that.

5. And for the fifth ... you know what? I should run away from fatty foods, sweet drinks, cigarettes and alcohol, from men of dubious morality, from boredom and from disorder ... But sometimes I don't want that. The Chiavari chair is then occupied by my "sinful" friends and we are well together. Then you don't have to run anywhere and flee from nothing ...

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