Crossback - a chair that will cover your back

Thanks to its wooden construction and minimalist design, a stackable chair named Crossback is a reflection of natural, folk or country style and is a perfect alternative to any idyllic home, restaurant, bar, café, picturesque wine bar or wedding hall in a natural spirit. But whatever you're looking for, know that the Crossback chair will never betray you and will cover your back in any life event for several years.

Natural-style wedding seating with crossback chairs in the terrace area, complete with dining table and floral decorations

Are you facing a serious life decision? So, you better sit down comfortably!

Your most important life event is coming — a wedding — and you want everything to be perfect? Arranging weddings and choosing the right wedding reception seating or decoration is definitely a very demanding process that should not be underestimated.

But don't worry. The stackable Crossback chair offers you and your wedding guests a comfortable seating, creates an atmosphere with a touch of the countryside, and fits indeed every receptive eye.

Up to 7 chairs on top of each other and yet stable as an oak

You are reading correctly. In addition to its charming minimalist design, our Crossback chair has another huge advantage, and that is stackability. Therefore, if you have chairs spread out in an area where they often have to be manipulated with, moved or stored elsewhere, you will certainly appreciate this benefit.

It is possible to stack chairs up to 10 pieces of chairs, but for perfect stability we optimally recommend 7 pieces of chairs stacked in height. This number of pieces will provide you with 100% stability, at which the stacked Crossback chairs will stand firmly like the oak from which they areactually made.

Stackable Crossback chairs stacked on top of each other
Detail of a Crossback chair with a seat cushion in a wedding seating environment

The chair is wooden and yet the seating is as soft as a silk

Despite the fact that the chairs are made of solid oak wood, which is known especially for its strength, the soft cushion provides a really comfortable, soft sitting as a silk.

What do you say? Will a Crossback chair cross your paths?

Crossback chair with a significant and graceful crossover of the structure on the back will cross the path of anyone interested and we assure you it will be a really positive encounter.

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