Certificate of patented church seating design

EUIPO - registered design

Zoe church chairs and pews are unique thanks to their minimalist design, practicality, connectivity and variability of accessories, on the basis of which they perfectly adapt to the space of any temple of God and create really comfortable seating for all believers.

The most visual element of the chair or pew is its unique design made in a minimalist style and unconventional accessories, which we have to registerthe European Union Intellectual Property Office - EUIPO.

The company CONFER s.r.o., as the exclusive owner of the registered design of the ZOE church chair and pew, hereby prevents any third parties from using the protected ZOE design in other forms, including: manufacturing, offering or marketing the protected design, exporting, importing, or using the product in which is the design embodied or the storage of such a product for these purposes.

Certificate – resistance test

ZOE church chairs and pews not only look good but are also functional and safe for their users. A certificate from an accredited resistance test is a sufficient guarantee of quality, safety and functionality.

The result of the resistance test clearly declares that the evaluation parameters of the ZOE church chair meet the requirements for safety, stability, strength and durability of the product. During the resistance test, there was no cracking of any joint, element or part of the chair.

“Based on the results achieved, we can conclude that the evaluated ZOE church chair is in accordance with the specified technical standard ČSN EN 16139.”

Durability test of the ZOE church chair
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Durability test of a church chair 1
Durability test of a church chair 2
Durability test of a church chair 3
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