As the operator of this website, we are committed to ensuring your privacy and security while browsing our website. Therefore, we decided to provide you with transparent information about which cookies we use, what they are for and how you can manage their use. By visiting our website, you automatically agree to the use of this technology.

What are Cookies

Cookies are important, small text files that are stored on your device when you visit a website. They do not pose any danger to the device and do not contain any private information such as your address, date of birth or credit card information. Cookies enable us to collect certain information about your preferences and interactions with the Site. This will help us better understand how you use the site and tailor your online experience to best suit your needs.

Managing Cookies

You can easily manage and delete cookies according to your preferences. More information can be found on the page. There is an option to delete all cookies stored on your computer and you can also set most browsers to prevent new cookies from being stored. However, in such a case, you may have to manually adjust the settings each time you visit the website, and some features may not work properly.

First Party Cookies vs Third Party Cookies

First-party cookies are set by the website you are currently visiting. This is the case when only this particular page has the ability to read them. On the other hand, third-party cookies are installed by someone other than the owner of the website you are currently visiting. This is done with the consent of the site owner and is used to collect specific information and carry out various researches regarding visitor behaviour, demographic data, etc.

Technical name


Purpose and description of cookies






Google Analytics sets this cookie to calculate data about visitors, sessions and campaigns and to track the use of the site for an analytical overview of the site. The cookie file stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognize unique visitors.

1 year 1 month 4 days




Cookies set by Google Analytics create a statistical identifier that generates data on the number of accesses to the website.

1 year 1 month 4 days




Cookies set by Facebook to offer advertising products in real time from third-party advertisers.

3 months




Cookies for navigation personalization

20 days




Google Analytics sets this cookie to store information about how visitors use the website and at the same time creates an analytical report on the performance of the website. Some of the data collected includes the number of visitors, their source and the pages they visit anonymously.

1 day




Google Universal Service Analytics sets this cookie to limit the number of requests and thereby limit data collection on high-traffic sites.

1 minute




The Google brand manager sets a set of cookies to experiment with the advertising effectiveness of websites using their services.

3 months


test_cookie sets this cookie to determine if the user's browser supports cookies .

15 minutes


Third-party cookies that we use

The following list contains current third-party technologies that we currently use:


Browsing the website anonymously

When browsing websites, you can choose between normal mode and anonymous browsing mode, sometimes called "private mode". You make this choice in your internet browser and we have no influence on it. However, we would like to warn you that if you browse our website in anonymous browsing mode or if you delete cookies after a visit (which can also be set automatically in your browser), we will not be able to identify your previous visit in the future. This means that we will again display a notification about consent to the use of cookies.

We believe that we have provided you with enough information so that you can decide freely whether you agree to the processing of cookies.

Classification of cookies we use

Session cookies

If these cookies were missing, it could result in the impossibility of the full functioning of some services or their functionality could be limited. Temporary cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

Persistent cookies

Third-party cookies - for analytical and advertising use - remain stored in the browser for a long time even after the computer is turned off. These cookies contribute to the improvement of the comfort of online services or play a role in statistics and advertising activities. Permanent cookies themselves do not identify you as an individual, they only track access to the site and the way users access it from a specific device (for example, from a computer, tablet, smartphone). All data provided are anonymous.

The category of permanent cookies primarily includes:

Analytical/performance cookies

These cookies primarily relate to visits to the website. These are cookies that analyze the origin of visits, monitor website performance and provide statistics or analytical data. The goal of analytical cookies is to recognize repeated visits to our website from the same browser on the same device and to monitor the activities of visitors while browsing the pages. Analytics and performance cookies do not disappear when you close your browser, but remain permanently stored on your computer or device.

Functional cookies

This type of cookie allows websites and apps to remember your preferences (such as your username, language or region) and provide improved and individually tailored features. The data collected by these cookies is usually in anonymous form. They do not provide any information that could be used for advertising purposes or tracking your internet activity. Functional cookies are not deleted after closing the browser but remain permanently stored on your computer or device.

Marketing cookies

The purpose of these cookies is to track your visits and activities on our website, to record the individual pages you have visited and to track the links you have followed. They provide us with the ability to link each visit to a set of information that the anonymous visitor has voluntarily provided us with. We will then use this information to tailor the content of our website to match your interests as closely as possible. Cookies for personalized marketing are not deleted after closing the browser but remain permanently stored on your computer or device.

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