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Chiavari chair - hard seat cushion

Chiavari chair - hard seat cushion

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Chiavari chair - hard seat cushion.

Suitable for weddings, restaurants, canteens and wine bars, cafes and various social events.

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CROSSBACK WEDDING CHAIR - the appointed expert of life 

A chair with a timeless design for relaxed seating. The name of the CROSSBACK chairs is derived from a crossed back construction, which ensures its stability and comfort. It offers versatility.

• country style • timelessness • cushiness • various colour options • awarded wood pattern • seat as a complementary assortment •

CROSSBACK CHAIRS - wine lovers

If you do not know them yet, it is high time to get to know them. The Crossback timeless chairs that will please every rural wine-lover. If you belong to the middle generation, you may still remember the celebrations of grandparents, great-grandparents for the younger generation. At their times, similar chairs were used and seen at all the major celebrations. As it goes, fashion is coming back and along with it also this lovely piece of furniture.

Enjoy relaxing in Crossback chairs

Just as Chiavari chairs are an essential part of wedding receptions, Crossback chairs are the ideal interior accessory such as home, banquets, especially restaurants, cafes, bars and wine bars. The comfortable seating on them can be owed not only to the cross backrest, but also to the quality wooden beech or oak finish. And there's nothing in the way of perfect seating. Just so easily forget the precious moments of sitting in places where time has stuck in the old rural settlements, wine bars and cafes with people close to your heart. Stop and relax, even if you say you don't have time. Look for gaps in your calendar filled with various very important work sessions. Life is about harmony, devote enough time to relax and enjoy time in seclusion. These are rare moments when you can draw energy for days to come.  

Colour variations of the chairs

Depending on the type of chair, it is possible to choose from various colour options accordingly. Whether the owner tends to natural shades and wants to create a sense of harmony and tranquillity, the most suitable option is a Crossback chair in natural wood. If there is less space and it needs to be visually magnified, bring feeling of coolness, cleanliness and neutrality, white Crossback chairs are a great recommendation to increase the space and provide the necessary atmosphere.

Another interesting warming colour that can make the interior more comfortable and brings a vintage mood is a limewash colour, something between whitewash and lime, or a mix of these almost irreconcilable colours. But the effect is fantastic, Crossbacks in limewash designs look elegant and the space where such chairs are placed moves you into another dimension. The grey colour is known for its impartiality and obscurantism, and according to designers it is a colour of compromise.

If it is necessary to create this atmosphere, the choice of Crossback chair in grey will certainly be the right solution. The atmosphere of taverns, old wine cellars and ale-houses will certainly be highlighted by the dark brown, which evokes respect, well-being, earth and home, and these are the attributes of creating a pleasant atmosphere and sensational seating.

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