Napoleon chairs

Napoleon chairs

The rich history of Europe is an infinitely deep well of inspiration. Perfect furniture is created by combining old and modern. Let us introduce a chair where Napoleon himself would be happy to sit.

The ambition of the great Napoleon in the 19th century influenced all of Europe and transformed into every sphere of life. It has changed fashion, art architecture and, of course, furniture. The style that originated under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte is now known as an Empire.

The way people sat in the 19th century

19th century art celebrated the glory of Napoleon, the greatness of France and the ideals of the French Revolution. The artists drew on the times of the Roman Empire, ancient Greece and the glory of Egypt. The ladies dressed as noble Romans, the paintings on the walls imitated patterns from the preserved houses of Pompeii.

Empire fashion, of course, also affected the production of furniture. The interior was supposed to imitate the Roman temple as faithfully as possible, with everything in it. The rococo décor and pomposity disappeared, replaced by the dignity hidden in every room.

New designs came with the victories of Napoleon, such as the Egyptian motifs (swans, sphinxes, lions and chimeras) after the victory over the Mamelukes. Of materials, Napoleon liked exotic wood most, such as dark mahogany, ebony or cedar, on which gilded antique ornaments excelled.

Napoleon chairs – history in modern design

The burghers' furniture retained its classic style with an emphasis on practicality. The palaces were already more creative. The legs of the seating furniture bent into a boat arch, sometimes ended with animal paws, sometimes replaced by chimera sculptures. For upholstery were used expensive fabrics, especially damask, embroidered with antique patterns and garlands.

Contemporary Napoleon chairs do not have animal paws, nor sculptures of swans and chimeras. Their construction is much finer. They only retained the reference to the dignity and refinement that was required at the time. But it is definitely not an austere piece of furniture. The chairs have elegant curves and decorative elements on the back and legs. Golden colour underlines the impression of luxury. With their design, they are destined to celebrate exceptional events.

Quality and comfort for all guests

Chairs must be strong and comfortable. In the past, the reliability of seating furniture was achieved by using more robust pieces of high-quality ebony or walnut wood.

Napoleon chairs stand on slender legs today, but that doesn't mean they aren't solid. Chairs boast of high load capacity, they are durable and can withstand intensive use. When the big event is over, you can easily stack them up.

Napoleon weeding chairs excel beautifully indoors and outdoors. They are suitable for wedding receptions, christening celebrations, restaurants or hotels, or anywhere you need to establish a representative, elegant seating.

Napoleon chairs

Napoleon chair

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