Plastic chairs

Plastic chairs

What comes to your mind when someone tells you to seat guests on plastic chairs at a wedding?

Probably a grotesque scene where white pieces of unstable garden furniture bend under the weight of full guests, and after a few hours they can't stand it anymore and simply break. 

The quality of plastic chairs will surprise you

Yes, classic plastic chairs, as you know them from ordinary garden seating, do not seem to boast of a high load capacity or a charming design. However, this is not true for Chiavari and Ghost chairs made of high-quality polycarbonate. It is time to refute the myths that a plastic chair is the opposite of good quality.

There are plastic chairs coming on the scene, which are:

  • elegant

  • durable

  • solid.

These chairs are not made of random “plastic”. It is a high-quality hard plastic, thanks to which its load capacity surpasses even classic wooden chairs. 

Elegance and exceptional strength

The design of plastic chairs is elegant and traditional. However, the material they are made of is a very modern matter.

Polycarbonate was developed in 1953 for an electronics company. Nine years later, it was used by NASA to manufacture helmets and visors for astronauts. Subsequently, it was used by many other companies to produce electronics, cars and windows.

This type of plastic came to the attention of fashion designers, furniture makers, even architects and builders, around 2000. It was renowned by the La Marie chair by designer Philip Stark, which, with its hovering effect, attracted huge interest. 

Variability of colours, shapes and applications

Due to its amazing variety in shaping, colouring and use, polycarbonate has become a very popular material in the manufacture of chairs. It can be used to create chairs full of endless colour palette, but also completely transparent, achromatic or finely coloured chairs. 

Plastic chairs can be used indoors and outdoors. Whether you choose to sit inside a restaurant or on the sun terrace, you don't have to worry about losing quality under the influence of the weather. Neither moisture nor hot sun will hurt the durable polycarbonate. And they will not be destroyed even by years of use by hundreds of guests in a good mood. 

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