Solid wood chairs

Solid wood chairs

Solid wood can be relied on. Therefore, we say that solid wood chairs will survive everything. They fulfil their purpose perfectly and at the same time they are a very tasteful addition to the interior. 

Quality comes first

The production of massive furniture does not save on materials. The most important is the strength, stability and comfort of its use. The chairs are made of solid wood so that sitting on them is extremely comfortable for everyone. 

An undisputable advantage of solid wood chairs is their high load capacity. They are strong enough to hold even the heaviest guests. Quality wood is difficult to break.

Solid chairs combine strength and elegance

By cleverly setting up your seating from solid chairs, you can harmonize and enhance the interior. Combined with a solid table to create a rustic look, which is currently very popular. However, they are also suitable for modern and practically furnished interior, which will add warmth to your home. 

It is a very charming piece of furniture, thanks to the natural wood colour, sophisticated construction and masterfully tuned shape. Wood staining and varnishing make the wood's natural beauty stand out, with its own colour and texture. On massive furniture, you can therefore admire artistic drawings that only a tree can create over the long years of its growth. 

Each solid wood chair is original. Differences, though slight, arise in both drawings and shades of colour. They are distinguished not only by the type of tree, but also by the place where it was grown. Different shades of wooden boards are also produced depending on whether they come from the central or peripheral part of the tree trunk, whether they are cut radially or tangentially, etc. 

An investment you won't regret in 100 years

Solid chairs are very durable, long-lasting and maintenance-free. Wood for their production is carefully treated so that it does not succumb to pests or excessive moisture.

Perfect stability, comfort and endless life. These are the qualities that will make you and your guests happy... forever. 

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