Wooden chairs

Wooden chairs

Wood is the gift of nature. It brings warmth, comfort, convenience to our homes and everyday activities, no matter whether you are eating or just relaxing. Can you even imagine a better material for making chairs?

Wooden chairs – durable, strong and beautiful

For many nations, wood has been a part of life and culture since time immemorial. For example, historic log cabins in wooded and mountain areas, exhibits of wooden furniture in museums, or cabinets, beds and benches of our great-grandmothers, who still remember the beginning of the last century. 

Quality wood will not be destroyed even after years of regular use. This means that wooden chairs can look like new actually after a long time. With a load capacity of over 120 kg, they can withstand even heavy loads. In addition, today's wooden furniture is treated with modern technologies to resist the dampness or activity of pests

Why wooden chairs?

Each tree hides a different image in its trunk. This means that every piece of wooden furniture is a genuine piece of furniture. In the hands of the master, it can take on a modern, vintage and antique look. The wood staining makes the natural, eye-catching shade of wood stand out, but coatings of different colours, such as white or gold, create a modern, festive and elegant look.

Wherever wooden chairs are placed, they perfectly fulfil their practical and aesthetic role. Afterall, it is a universal furniture. They beautifully complement the interior of your home, but also of the enterprise, they are suitable for restaurants, wine bars and cafes, various public spaces, wherever you need to create comfortable seating.

Wooden chairs are the right choice for those who want to offer their guests with the seat so comfortable that they feel like home. They are naturally warm and ergonomically shaped. If you add a soft cushion to them, comfort and alleviation by seating are guaranteed.

Napoleon chairs

Napoleon chair

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