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The current situation has brought enough to our lives. Crisis, quarantine, closed borders… But it also gave us time to be more with the family, time to slow down, stop and think a little bit more. We got an opportunity to wait for a while, find a faith, strengthen ourselves and then move on again. With determination. Forward.
Let's stand firmly together now! Let's hope that the time when we sit back together comfortably, ready for other wonderful moments of our lives, is fast approaching…

Business info: Just now we offer chairs at special prices. Prices that haven't been here before and even won’t be. These prices also apply to completely new stuff and only until stocks are sold out / booked.

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Poročni stoli Ghost glamour ali Dior glamour - lepota Rococo.

Dior stol - Washington

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Poročni stoli Ghost glamur, Poročni stoli Dior

Minimalna količina naročila za ta izdelek je 100.

Poročni stoli Ghost glamour ali Dior glamour - lepota Rococo.

Stol za duhove predstavlja sodobno sedežno garnituro. Odseva sodobni življenjski slog, kultura sedenja doda zvijanje in novo kri.

• sodoben dizajn • elementi pompoznosti •

400 Izdelkov
1 Reviews

Glamour krzesło Dior
Dziękuję bardzo za krzesła, są piękne. Bardzo dobra współpraca - szybka dostawa.

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