Payment by debit/credit card

We accept the following types of cards:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • Visa Electron

Google Pay 

Google Pay is an electronic payment system provided by Google, which allows payment using mobile phones and tablets with operating system Android (or smartwatches with Wear OS).

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is mobile payment and digital a wallet from Apple Inc. that allows users make payments using iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac devices.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer is a form of electronic transfer of funds that allows receiving funds directly into a bank account. It is a fast, easy and secure way to receive payments.

Are my card details safe?

For your convenience and security, your payment details do not come into contact with our server at all. Your card information is processed exclusively by GoPay, which is the operator of the payment gateway and is supervised by the National Bank of Slovakia. All your card data sent through the payment gateway is encrypted using 256-bit SSL technology. This high standard of security means that shopping with a card in the Confer shop is safe and secure and guarantees that your data will not be accessed by unauthorized third parties under any circumstances.


This payment method is currently not enabled on our website.

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