Transparent chairs

Chairs that have nothing to hide. 

This is how transparent chiavari chairs could be described. And they don't really hide anything. They are transparent and that is their magic. It is an ultra-modern look that brings to life an informal party, but also a wedding reception or christening celebration. 

Quality transparent chiavari chairs made of polycarbonate

A star at every party

Transparent chairs give a playful touch to every social event. They have a special ability to refract light. They excel at colourful light beams that penetrate them at different angles to create a unique show. 

Even in daylight, transparent chairs give the room a completely new style. They change their image according to what is in their background. They make decorations stand out and underline the beauty of the overall furnishing of the space.

Chiavari plastic chair - transparent - you can choose with the cushion

How did transparent chairs come into being?

Of course, the design of transparent chairs comes from furniture made of traditional materials such as wood and metal. Polycarbonate did not impress the designers until the end of the last century. Only then, they have found that this material is not just durable and strong, but also infinitely variable. It offered the possibility to create furniture of any vibrant colour, but also clear furniture that looked like it was made of crystal.

For example, transparent Ghost chairs - these are inspired by the Rococo period. It was a time when luxury furniture reached its decorative peak thanks to the wealthy members of the nobility who took care of the pompous furnishings of their palaces. The style of rococo, which is characterized by rich adornment with precious metals and gems, shocking shapes and colours, is a well of inspiration that artists and designers have drawn to this day. 

Transparent chairs are therefore a transfer of history touch to modern, even timeless design.

Durable, plastic, wedding, Chiavari chair - transparent

What about the quality of transparent chairs?

In terms of quality and high load capacity, they do not lag behind wooden and metal chairs. They are made of highly durable polycarbonate. The polycarbonate with which the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava covered the roof of the huge Olympic Stadium Spiridon Louis in Athens. At the same time, the chairs are lightweight, making them easy to carry and store. In short, beautiful, stylish and practical at the same time - that's how transparent weeding chiavari chairs are.

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