Chiavari chairs



Did you know that the most popular Wedding March is a composition by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy? It was founded in 1842, as the incidental music to the play, The Midsummer Night's Dream, and in 1858, it was played for the first time as the wedding march at the wedding of the Prussian Crown, Prince Frederick William. The Chiavar chair is its enthusiastic admirer. However, it does not defy the beauty of another kind ...

The Chiavari chair is characterised by a high elegant standard, so it is very popular in places of initiation ceremonies and festive moments - Christenings, weddings, banquets, wakes. Its elegance can enhance the beauty and depth of events, and compliance among the invited guests. The quality of chairs is proven by customer satisfaction and excellent references.

The minimum load capacity is 120 kg chairs and up to 12 pieces can be stacked on each other. As a complementary assortment, we also offer s soft or hard booster seat for this model. Chiavari chairs are available in two basic versions - in wooden ones and plastic ones.

CHIAVARI WOODEN CHAIR is made from beech wood and we supply it in various colours: white and limewash are in stock; gold, silver, brown and other colours on request.

THE PLASTIC VARIANT OF THE CHIAVARI CHAIR has identical features to the chair in the wooden design, and it is made out of translucent polycarbonate.

Rating of the chairs in this category
4.95 / 5 (98)

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