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Chiavari chairs are made of quality BEECH WOOD and Crossback chairs are made from OAK WOOD. There are also cheaper variants on our offer: plastic and metal Chiavari chairs. However, we always recommend our clients to buy quality and comfortable wooden chairs.

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White, Limewash, Chestnut, Gold, Rose, Transparent
Quality of beech wood
Beech wood blends high quality and beautiful look. Chiavari chairs are made of the highest quality.
Above the standard
For us, wood means a tradition that cannot be replaced by any other material. It is sturdy, solid, 100% natural and ecological. The ideal raw material to produce wedding chairs.
You can stack up to 12 pieces on top of each other. Chiavari chairs definitely do not take up much space when you need to put them away.
Available in 6 colours
Elegant white, limewash for a vintage atmosphere, classic brown wood for a traditional wedding. Rosegold and gold colour enhance luxury, while the modern celebration will be brightened by a transparent Chiavari chair. 6 shades and thus infinite options for space decoration.
Even more comfort
The chairs are ergonomic, hence providing a person with universal support and comfort. An exceptionally pleasant sitting is provided by a soft seat.
Are you preparing a celebration, a baptism of a child, a jubilee of a fifties, an anniversary or even a wedding? Then, in addition to the thousands of trivia, you need to think of the comfort sitting of your guests. As the Chiavari chair brand is nowadays more and more common on the list of wedding salons in today's modern era, you can also reach for this tasteful and especially romantic type of chair. There are more kinds of them, very popular are wooden ones but there are also metal and others available, but we will discuss these two models a bit and look at their advantages and possible shortcomings. If you haven't yet decided which Chiavari chair to choose for your event, we're bringing some comparisons to make it easier for you to choose.
The quality of chairs is proven by customer satisfaction and excellent references

The minimum load capacity is 120 kg chairs and up to 10 pieces can be stacked on each other. As a complementary assortment, we also offer s soft or hard booster seat for this model. Chiavari chairs are available in two basic versions - in wooden ones and plastic ones.

Wooden Chiavari chairs

If you opt for wooden Chiavari, you can also organize the event in smaller spaces, as you can seat more guests next to each other. With cheerful colorful seat cushions you will fine-tune the atmosphere and the festivities can begin. In addition to the limewash version of the Chiavari wooden chairs, we offer practical leatherette seats that are easy to maintain.

Metal Chiavari chairs

Under the metal construction, everyone imagines something solid that will last us long and serve even if we need to sit heavier guests. True, metal Chiavari chairs are made of strong, steel bones and can withstand over a hundred-kg load. They are elegant as well as other chairs and more affordable than their Chiavari nurses. Perfectly complement the elegant banquet, festively decorated hall or wedding. Even though they are solid, they are surprised by their low weight (only 3.2 kg) and stackability, so they can easily be stacked on top of each other.

Wooden chairs Chiavari versus metal chairs Chiavari

Wooden Chiavari chairs as such are classics and in the field of organizing social events can boast with several positive features. All these wooden chairs are made of quality and hardest beech wood. There are also cheaper versions of locust wood, but you do not buy them. On you will find only Chiavari chairs made of high quality beech wood.

Exercise tests have shown that Chiavari beech wood chairs can also bear oversized 'costs'. These cult chairs, in addition to their timeless design, meet all the criteria of comfortable seating. They have high resistance and strength. Compared to metal, they have a small disadvantage, they can be exclusively placed in the interior. In case it is not raining, you can also place wooden chairs outside, just beware of strong sunlight due to color fastness.

Did you know that the most popular Wedding March is a composition by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy? It was founded in 1842, as the incidental music to the play, The Midsummer Night's Dream, and in 1858, it was played for the first time as the wedding march at the wedding of the Prussian Crown, Prince Frederick William. The Chiavar chair is its enthusiastic admirer. However, it does not defy the beauty of another kind ... The Chiavari chair is characterised by a high elegant standard, so it is very popular in places of initiation ceremonies and festive moments - Christenings, weddings, banquets, wakes. Its elegance can enhance the beauty and depth of events, and compliance among the invited guests. The quality of chairs is proven by customer satisfaction and excellent references.

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