„We bought our Chiavari Chairs at this shop. Great service and very helpful all the time. The transportation of the chairs to our home was absolutely great. The chairs are good quality and can be used for business without any problems. We can recommend the chiavari chairs and the shop without any restrictions. Thank you for your great service!“

Christian SEIDEL – Love Bandits, Kolín, Nemecko

„Velka vdaka Confer. Do nasho noveho 4* hotela Galeria Thermal Besenova ste nam rychlo, spolahlivo a kvalitne dodali konferencne stoly. Takto si predstavujeme profikov. Tesime sa na dalsiu spolupracu.“

Jaroslav ČEFO – riaditeľ hotela Galeria Thermal Bešeňová****

„We are a Hungarian firm, dealing with letting devices and organizing certain programmes. We have already bought cca 600 white Chiavari chairs from Confer. We are fully contented with Confer, the firm is correct, fast and reliable. Shipping is always as agreed. The Chiavari chairs are of high quality very elegant. All our clients were perfecly satisfied.“

Máté LUKÁCS – Tent For Rent, Pécs, Maďarsko

Chiavari: There is no chair like other chair

Chiavari chairs are a trendy addition to any major or minor occasion. A few years ago, they were not cherished in Slovakia and are now gaining popularity at rocket speed. So if you decide that Chiavari chairs will be the right accessory for your wedding, you have several options to get them.

5 facts that Agnes Ghost (anyway) are catching up with.

I was overrun by civilization, and I ran away from it a little bit (this is also an explanation of why you, my dear Ghost chair, were in the middle of the forest). On three sides, the single neighbors made it clear that a family of five with three children was not suitable for a four-room apartment in a block but a wilderness.

A moment of truth. Chiavari and Ghost test their owners (2nd episode)

We from the Chairvillage have just had enough of the constant testing. The customer comes into the shop and turns around the chair: he gently strokes the cover, then he hits hard (until all the feathers jump, if the chair has one) and, as a great gentleman, he takes a comfortable seat and falls into his whole weight.
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