Ghost chairs



French King Louis XV. was a passionate lover of art, concerts, receptions, balls, and ballet performances. He gathered the rich nobility around him and organised events in the courtyard. During his time, an aristocratic style of Rococo decorative interiors, fine porcelain figurines, crinolines, high hairdos and fancy noble cords prevailed in architecture, art and fashion. In the Ghost chair, a chair inspired by Louis XV., pomposity meets with modern lightness - and the result is tantalising. From this chair, are views of the ordinary and extraordinary moments in the highest HD quality ...

The Plastic Ghost chairs are inspired by the Rococo style, combined with a modern design. Chairs are intended to be used in interiors and exteriors - from modern dining rooms and social rooms to the wedding halls and alternative theatre spaces.

Similar to other products from our offering, the Ghost chairs can also be stacked on top of each other. We offer them in a transparent or in an opaque version. At the same time, in both versions there is the possibility of a chair with armrests or without armrests. As a complementary product range, it is possible to buy soft seat cushions to go with the Ghost chairs.

TRANSPARENT GHOST CHAIRS are made from a highly durable transparent polycarbonate, from where the name comes from. Whereas optically they do not burden space, they are also popular in smaller interiors. They are also suitable as wedding chairs, due to their unobtrusive elegance. The transparent version comes in the following colours: crystal, grey and brown.

OPAQUE CHAIRS, GHOST are supplied in a white and black colour and perfectly fit the exterior, for example, as garden sitting.

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