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There are places where one finds himself completely alone, just with his thoughts. He encounters something that goes beyond him. Something he recurs to, something he can trust. A temple or church is a place where loneliness is not perceived as something negative, but rather the opposite. Suddenly, it becomes a means of directing to something higher. The fact is, however, that man is rarely quite alone there. Indeed, there is not just one man coming to the temple at a time, his fellow pilgrims looking for spirituality come there too. Brothers in faith walk together, side by side, and sit together in church pews. They pray together. They sing together and shake their hands as the sign of reconciliation. They are alone in themselves and yet with others. This is how the human presence in the church could be characterized.

modern church wooden pews for churcheschurch wooden bench

Chiars or pew?

Indeed, man is seldom alone. Among other things, a mass is also a place of common sharing and common tuning in to the Word of God. Yet the Bible itself says that: For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. However, our very own inner, individual attitude to God's presence is very important too. People meet in common spiritual spaces where their personal zone is provided by church pews and chairs. When sitting on them, they immerse themselves into prayer or listen to the sermon. Therefore, the role of church chairs and pews is invaluable. However, there is no clear answer to question, whether a church pew or chair is better. The chair adds a sense of independence. On the other hand, the church pew gives a sense of strength, stability, anchorage and, unlike a chair, it is still a place where one or more people share one space. Naturally, the ideal solution would be to combine the functional aspects of both objects, whether a chair or a church pew.

modern church pew made of oak wood - connectable in a rowchurch pew with tilting changers

The present world of church pews

The contemporary design of the church chairs and church pews allows us something we haven't dreamed of in the past. In the case of church pews, we fully utilized the principles of modern design, which enabled us to design a modular solution that is based on the principle of joining individual parts into a larger whole. In this case, we are talking about joining chairs to church pews. The chair construction is designed with the intention of creating a church pew quickly and easily. For this purpose, it has specially designed seats and backrests that allow for quick connection to create a pew. And we are still not mentioning the possibility of splitting or stacking or storing chairs cleverly if more space needs to be created for an event. Thus, in this particular case, the functional elements of the chair are ideally combined to allow for an ideal church pew.

modern seating fur churchwooden church benchchurch seat modern - church pew with upholstered seat

A pinch of history

The church pews, as an integral part of the interior of the church premises, have evolved over time and their shape, material, design and technology used to produce them have evolved too. Initially, their production was dependent on the guilds involved in the construction of churches, temples, and cathedrals. Producers were different and their manufacturing processes were not uniform at that time. Each church could therefore have a completely different type of pew. Some were simple, simple and purely purposeful, others decorated with carved ornaments and thus rather laborious to produce, not to mention the long time needed to complete such a work. Over time, some such church pews have become historic antiques that we only admire today from a distance. In the purposeful minimalist design, in which our church chairs and pews are made, we respect the traditions, maybe we move them a little further. We do not deny the tradition of the church pews, but only move them to the 21st century.

Church pew ZOE - wooden pew chair - stacking and modern

ZOE church pews

The chair is a pew and the pew is a chair.
Price from 490€
ZOE church chairs logo

The name ZOE means LIFE

ZOE (LIFE) is found 135 times in the Greek New Testament.
Greek word: ζωή, zoe |
Meaning: In the Christian tradition, it means Life divine with Christ
Frequency: 135 uses

Traditional but unique

Our church pews impeccably match any space thanks to their minimalist patented design. Humble, simple, and gorgeous at the same time.

Solid wood of the ZOE church chairs - natural beauty

In solid wood drawings

Oak wood is the highest quality material for furniture production as it is resistant to environmental influences, humidity and bugs. Moreover, oak wood has an exceedingly high load capacity.

Durability of the structure the ZOE church chairs

Eternal durability

As long as the church stands, the church pews will serve.

connectable the ZOE church chairs - like the church pew

The secret of the church pew

It looks like a traditional church bench. Nevertheless, it was created by connecting ZOE chairs. This connection by the magnet is totally invisible.

stackable the ZOE church chairs - save the storage

From the bench to the stack and back

You can disconnect and put them off at any time. The chairs themselves are stackable. Unlike fixed and heavy benches, with ZOE church pews you can free up standing space at any time.

ZOE church chairs with folding desk for writing and reading

Like a reading desk

... they serve as a tilting desk. On it, believers can place their Bible or songbook.

Folding hook on the ZOE church chair - useful helper

Personal belongings at hand

… such as a handbag or umbrella, visitors can hang on a hook.

We have been working with furniture for many years

And in that time, we created the perfect church seating. Slovak production and wood from Slovak forests.

Ergonomic shape

We made the church pews so that they deliver utter comfort even during longer masses.

Church pews

The name pew refers to a long bench seat used by church members in a church, synagogue, or courtroom. The first stone benches date from the 13th century as they occurred in the English environment. From the side aisles of the temple, the seating gradually reaches the central part of the sacral space. In the 14th century, the stone began to be replaced by wood, which has become the standard in production since the 15th century.

CHURCH BENCHES acquired the status of a permanent element of religious interior only in the era of Protestantism. In some churches they were not the property of temples, but of individual congregates members of the congregation, who signed them with names or family coats of arms and locked them in special boxes. Thus, the benches became hereditary property. In the late Middle Ages and early modern times, their cost often did not demonstrate the equality of people before God, but the social hierarchy of community.

The seating system in pews is still not taken over by the Orthodox Church. In other Christian and Jewish communities, CHURCH PEWS are replaced by metal or wooden chairs for easier handling. The dual use of the product as a CHURCH CHAIR and at the same time as a CHURCH PEW has become a challenge for the company CONFER s.r.o.

minimalist design of connectable and stackable church chairs ZOE
Minimalist design
high-quality processing of ZOE church chairs made of solid wood guarantees the durability of the structure.
Durability of the structure
Solid wood
Quality workmanship verified
oak solid wood Church chair ZOE - made in Slovakia
Folding desk for writing and reading
Folding hook
Made in Slovakia


CHURCH CHAIRS from CONFER s.r.o. are designed so that they can be easily transformed into the CHURCH BENCH system as needed, but according to preference they can also be used separately, with the required distance between the seats

● Their connectivity to horizontal lines is ensured by a discrete magnetic (non-rusting) system with high retention force, built into the side lines of the seating part

● The model is designed so that the CHURCH PEW looks symmetrical, without disturbing the space around. The fluidity of the lines also allows a small child to sit in the inter-space, without feeling uncomfortable

● Maximum accuracy of production processes guarantees maintaining straight rows and columns without optical disorganization at all times

● The customer adjusts the length of the CHURCH PEWS as needed

● CHURCH CHAIRS are easily detachable and stackable

● When stacking (up to 5 pieces), a minimum gap is created between the chairs, which ensures the lowest possible stack height. This company idea supports maximum space saving, but at the same time the stability of the stack during storage and transport

● The stacking system is treated with protective elements that are discreetly placed on the contact surfaces on the legs of the chairs. The protection of upholstery, which do not touch during stacking, is also secured

● When ordering a larger number of CHURCH CHAIRS, the supplier provides a free barrow - a trolley for their stacking and moving.    

ZOE Church chair - made of oak wood - made in Slovakia


Preparing for confirmation is always associated with a pleasant expectation for the young pastor and his wife. They observe in young people of congregation the desire for Christian maturity, but they also see the joy of community that preparation provides them.

Both spouses have a sense of order and purity, but when young people come to the temple, it is necessary to arrange the space as needed, flexibly create nooks for group work, sometimes arrange sessions in a circle and then re-arrange everything in the lines of church pews for a dignified course of God's service.

Young people from the community playfully manage the reorganization, and girls also like to help with advice. The chairs are easy to handle, the space is scented by the smell of the wood, everyone feels useful.

The temple is in a state of flux for a moment, but just in a while it again becomes the place of divine peace - exactly as amplitudes alternate in human life.

Verified abroad as well

Our church pews already proudly provide seating for believers in Germany, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and other European countries.


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