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The hotel is no longer just a place where travellers oversleep on their wanderings. Some hotels are so unique that they have become a destination for excursions. The most interesting places to spend the night amaze the whole world.

At heights or under the sea? Hotels can fulfill crazy dreams

For example, hotels made entirely of ice are a specialty of Scandinavia. They are built of ice and snow repeatedly every winter. Some also include a cinema, chapel or gallery, an ice bar is a matter of course.

Hotels in treetops, swaying tens of meters above the ground, fulfill the children's dreams of their customers. We can find a few of them in Germany, France, China and India.

Near the island of Nadi (Fiji) there is an underwater hotel with 24 luxury cabins. You can watch the life-filled corals 10 meters below sea level right from the bed.

However, there is no need to travel far for magical experiences. In Central Europe, there are many castles and chateaux in the countries of Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic, where customers can oversleep in royal and knight's chambers.

Hotel – one of its kind Are you going to furnish your own hotel?

The first step is to define its style. There are plenty of inspiration everywhere - but yours should be completely unique.

Even if you opt for more traditional equipment, the spaces should reflect your spirit and emit a unique atmosphere. Only then will your guests not forget you and want to come back again.

How to choose the right chairs for hotel?

If you have already chosen a visual style, it is time to think about what events will take place in the hotel. Will there be weddings, balls or conferences? Culinary shows, wine tastings? Arrange dining in the hotel restaurant accordingly.

In addition to design, practical aspects should also be considered when choosing hotel chairs. The number of guests, the size of the rooms, the strength and stability, the load-bearing capacity of the chairs ... All these features need to be carefully thought out in order to get chairs that fit your hotel.

For example, banquet chairs harmonize both with a more luxurious interior, or a hotel in a historic style. They are also suitable for sitting at the reception. They provide exceptional comfort, have a solid construction and high load capacity.

Chiavari, also known as Tiffany chairs, are suitable for hotels where weddings, celebrations, balls and other social events take place. They are versatile, comfortable, with a slim design. Available in various variations, such as classic wood colour, white, or gold and silver colour. Modern, transparent Chiavari chairs for hotels achieve the ideas of a modern interior with minimalist decoration. They are also suitable for smaller spaces that will not be optically lost.

Choosing the right chairs is one of the many, but important, details of arranging the hotel. The chairs provide comfort and are a main pillar of every social event and regular dinner. Choose the best ones - make each night in your hotel unique.

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