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The name ZOE means LIFE

ZOE (life) is found 135 times in the Greek New Testament.
Greek word: ζωή, zoe
Meaning: In the Christian tradition, it means Life divine with Christ.
Frequency: 135 uses

Minimalist patented ZOE design

ZOE church chairs are made of pure lines. No pompous decorations, just the natural beauty of wood.

Solid wood of the ZOE church chairs - natural beauty

Solid wood

The chairs are made of oak wood of the highest quality. It is characterized by infinite durability, resilience, and natural beauty.

Durability of the structure the ZOE church chairs

Durability of the structure

It will not disappoint and last – even in the most difficult situations. The construction of the ZOE chair is highly durable and the cover is sewn from a non-flammable fabric.

Connectable the ZOE church chairs - like the church pew


The chair is a pew and the pew is a chair. ZOE church chairs form a uniform church pew by connecting to each other with an invisible magnet.

Stackable the ZOE church chairs - save the storage


Churches sometimes need extra space for non-worship activities. Stacking chairs for churches, such as the ZOE, provide a practical solution — fold them into a stack and move to storage, optimizing space for diverse activities.

ZOE church chairs with folding desk for writing and reading

Folding desk for writing and reading

Convenient writing and reading is made possible for believers thanks to the folding desk. It is subtly hidden – it does not disturb the minimalist design of ZOE church chairs.

Folding hook on the ZOE church chair - useful helper

Folding hook

The hook is used to hang a handbag or umbrella. It is another invisible but useful helper.

Quality workmanship verified

We have been producing solid furniture for many years and we try to bring it to perfection every day. The result of traditional procedures and relentless precision at work is the ZOE church chair.

Made in Slovakia

We are proud of our origin and grateful to the Slovak nature for providing us with the highest quality oak wood.

ZOE church chairs

An ordinary tourist in a temple is usually amazed by its quiet, static space. More frequent visitors, however, are already familiar with everything around them, they know the rhythms. Here, in addition to the absidum, it is necessary to make a place for musicians, to open a corridor for a bishop or an extraordinary guest in front of the pulpit, to organize a lesson for confirmands, decorate the fiancée's chairs in front of the altar before the wedding.

While maintaining a dignified atmosphere, the temple blooms to life, adapting to the needs of the person entering it. Not to mention the rooms of church congregations and religious communities. Sometimes it is necessary to add some more chairs due to the expected lecture, other times it is required to take them all out of the room for the children's carnival and place them so that they interfere as little as possible.

The creators of CHURCH CHAIRS from the CONFER s.r.o. company also thought of all these factors when guarding the original idea - to create a place for man before God.

Minimalist design of connectable and stackable church chairs ZOE
Minimalist design
High-quality processing of ZOE church chairs made of solid wood guarantees the durability of the structure.
Durability of the structure
Solid wood
Quality workmanship verified
Oak solid wood Church chair ZOE - made in Slovakia
Folding desk for writing and reading
Folding hook
Made in Slovakia


Church chairs are made of solid oak of the highest quality with an upholstered seating part

The painting technology does not overlap their original - radial drawing, although the company CONFER s.r.o. can also offer the customer a different material treatment, various colour shades of wood and upholstery, or an upholstered product

● The offer includes manual wood ornamentation and a rich configuration of optional accessories – folding desk, handbag / umbrella hook, shelf, kneeler, pocket for stationery / money

Long-term tested ergonomics and weight ensure high comfort and stability for the consumer

● The optimal height of the shaped backrest for back support creates comfort even when sitting for a long time

● The most loaded joints are treated with metric threads

● Varnish and paint are extremely scratch resistant

● For easier transfer, the backrest is made to be easy to grip, including the possibility of stacking the chair on top of each other (up to 5 pieces) with a low load on the space and protection of its parts

● the minimalist style of church chairs does not disturb the cultural value of the interior or the nature of the historic building, even when placed in rows (church pews) or lining-up

● the creation of benches is allowed by a specific mechanism of connecting the chairs with a magnetic system

● church chairs are spatially airy, inobtrusive, but when viewed in detail, they impress with their top quality material, production and aesthetic sensitivity.

ZOE Church chair - made of oak wood - made in Slovakia


A Protestant pastor and a Catholic bishop from the northern canton cultivate friendship and ecumenism. They grew up together and their friendship persisted over time through high school and university studies and continues to this day.

Although their temples are located in distant cities, they always find time to consult their projects together, so it happens that they proceed by analogy with their duties – that was the case when the 14th-century Gothic church was rebuilt under the tutelage of a Protestant pastor and at the same time, Catholic bishop was in charge of equipping and furnishing of a new modern sacral building.

However, the joint choice of church chairs made of solid wood surprised them both. The entry of an identical element into a different space did not draw attention anyhow only to itself but let the original atmosphere of the sacral place fully stand out.

In the medieval temple, the soft, subdued colour of the seating was positively incorporated, while the timeless quality of the material highlighted the historicity of the other elements of the temple.

In the modern functionalist new building, the purity and asceticism of the lines as well as the generous airiness of the space were emphasized.

Who knows whether the believers in both churches would notice that both congregations have the same type of chairs?


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