Charger plates

Dining in style

Small details make the difference between a regular and a gala dinner. Decorations, flowers, tablecloths made of luxurious fabrics, crystal chandeliers, candlesticks, garlands, gold or silver cutlery and ... charger plates.

An exceptional opportunity that will not be repeated requires a spectacular place setting. Charger plates are a decorative element that will elevate the celebration to a high level.

They are made of luxury materials, the highest quality glass and porcelain. The plates form unique structures full of shimmering reflections of light, they are lined with strips of gold, silver or adorable pearls.

They are suitable for any festive occasion. A lavish or more modest wedding, in a modern or vintage style, a cheerful country or a lavish wedding at the chateau, balls and big celebrations of anniversaries. Events that everyone will remember.

Charger plates are a pillar of culinary experiences, an elegant visual element, perfectly in tune with gold or silver cutlery. In short, they are an integral part of festive dining.

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