Dior chairs

Dior chairs

Dior chairs look as if they had been made just for a fabulous wedding. They are exactly as if their artistic creator wanted to give a completely new face to the highest fashion. His style is immortal.

Dior chairs as a symbol of luxury

Gold is a symbol of abundance and luxury since time immemorial. Gold and white colours work in a symbiosis, embodying luxury and elegance. Dior chairs consist of a gold frame, backrest and a seat of white leatherette.

They perfectly harmonize with gold decorations, such as gilded plates, gold candles, glittering textiles, vintage elements, or artistic paintings and sculptures. Dior chairs are designed for those who want to arrange a feast or event in the glamour style and stand out in a crowd. They are just unmistakable. Magnificent weddings, spectacular banquets or important cultural events - these are the places where Dior chairs fit perfectly.

Comfort worthy of a king

A great event is an unforgettable experience only when all guests feel comfortable. The excellent atmosphere includes food, music, great company, but also comfortable sitting. The elegance of Dior chairs is certainly not detrimental to comfort. Highly comfortable seating provides soft leatherette cushions and oval backrest. These elements, in addition to looking charming, ensure that even after midnight none of the guests will feel uncomfortable.

Neat curves by Dior

Dior chairs are in a way eccentric, much like the personality after whom they got their name. The name of the famous fashion designer Christian Dior became synonymous with luxury fashion during the second half of the 20th century and has maintained this status to this day. He was one of France's greatest icons and also one of the most influential designers of all time.

Christian Dior's most significant work was the New Look collection. In it, he presented a new silhouette that emphasized feminine beauty, gentle grace and elegance. It consisted of subtle shoulders, a wasp waist and a bulky skirt in the shape of a blooming flower. Dior brought about a revolution that has been etched in the memory of the fashion world forever. He created a brand that still produces luxury clothing, fashion accessories and perfumes. And perhaps New look was the inspiration of designers in the creation of Dior chairs. Their silhouette is made of graceful curves, round shapes without sharp edges that would disturb its design.

Dior weeding chairs are extravagant but elegant. Decorative, yet comfortable. A little retro but modern. In short, the ideal combination for stylish seating.

Church chair ZOE made of oak made in Slovakia


Exporting solid wood furniture since 1996

The company Confer s.r.o. found the best possible partner for the production of chairs. It is Evergreen s.r.o., which boasts a license to produce these sacred pieces of furniture.

Thanks to their ingenious construction, unique design and high-quality material, their products have become synonymous with reliability since 1996. They are made of oak and alder wood of the highest quality. Every single piece of furniture from the Evergreen workshop is highly valuable and at the same time so durable.



SARAH steel chair on the horizon

Surprisingly, our common pilgrimage with church chairs is not connected with wood, but on the contrary with metal. In 2009, we launched our own production and subsequent sale of beautiful steel chairs, which were not only delicately upholstered, but also stackable. All this to save precious church space.

Metal church chair Sarah - can be connected to the series
Drying oak wood in the dryer - at Evergreen



Thousands of custom-made chairs

When came a time when we were more and more approached by church organizations with requirements and ideas on how to improve our products and enrich them with the necessary accessories that every believer would appreciate.

These were often custom-made products that were to fit perfectly into the sacred environment. And so, thanks to the initiative of our own customers, we came up with solutions such as a holder for a songbook and a Bible, a folding desk for writing needs, a practical hook for hanging a purse or bag, as well as a sliding and folding kneeler.


Since 2013

Tens of thousands of stackable chairs have found their customers

As time went on, many of our customers, who were happy to order Sarah chairs, had a new need, and that was space saving. In addition to the classic benches, in many towns and villages, in churches and houses of mourning, there was an urgency to obtain a spatial solution in the form of stackable chairs and folding tables. They have found a great application at social events such as weddings or garden parties.

That is why we have embarked on a new wave since 2013 and, in cooperation with German and Swiss partners, we have started distributing stackable chairs suitable for the mentioned events, but also for conferences, for example. Our chairs have become a decorative and practical piece of weddings and churches not only in Slovakia but throughout Europe.

Around 10,000 new Chiavari, Dior or Crossback chairs appear on the market every year, but up to 80% of them end up outside our home country - in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia and Sweden, but also with our neighbours like Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. And the list of countries is far from being exhausted.

Finished church chair ZOE made of oak wood - final drying after painting
gluing of individual components - backrest and side rear legs



NEW CONCEPT - If only a church chair could be a PEW

We started to develop a new type of wooden chair. When creating it, we made a commitment that it must meet three basic characteristics:

  • Connectivity to a single bench 
  • Minimalist wooden design
  • Stackability

while non-disruptive additions had to be an essential part of it:

  • Writing desk
  • Bible holder
  • Handbag hook
  • Shelf under the chair
  • Fold knee bench


2021 – Huge Milestone

A quarter of a century of solid wood furniture production

We are experiencing a lovely anniversary in 2021 - we have been operating on the market for a quarter of a century, and although the wind has blown away the old days, we are still not only keeping up with the demands of the times, but we are also a little ahead. After all, just a year ago, in 2020, we had EUIPO patented the design of our stunning ZOE chair and immediately started distributing it. In cooperation with our partner Evergreen s.r.o. we have successfully managed not only the production and sales, but also the export of this charming piece of furniture.

However, the success story of the chair is not surprising. Its appearance refers to honest craftsmanship, thoughtful imagination, a sense of aesthetics, but also the ability to focus on the finest details. The ZOE chair thus combines minimalism with comfort, all in accordance with quality material and luxurious construction. We do all this in line with the needs of churches, both traditional and modern.

gluing of individual components - backrest and side rear legs - preparation for making all components
Important Adjustment for the overall look - sanding and planing

A MANUFACTURER OF CHURCH CHAIRS that reflects the words of the scriptures

Bible-inspired work: 2 Kings 12

“And they gave the money, being told, into the hands of them that did the work, that had the oversight of the house of the LORD: and they laid it out to the carpenters and builders, that wrought upon the house of the LORD, (11) and to masons, and hewers of stone, and to buy timber and hewed stone to repair the breaches of the house of the LORD, and for all that was laid out for the house to repair it.(12)”

ZOE as a symbol of life

Life in Christ

John 14,6

If we look closely at the Scriptures, the word: ζωή, ie zoe, ⁠ is to be found up to 135 times in the Greek version. After all, ZOE means LIFE. And we got inspired in this, too, In the end, did not Christ say: "I am the Way, the Truth and the LIFE"? And thus, we offer a living chair that, with its minimalism, will accompany you on your way in search for the truth.

The One and Only. The ZOE church chair is the first and only one of its kind in the world. We offer a wide range of quality products, but this chair is a true queen among them.

Carved cross on a folding counter
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