Dior chairs

Dior chairs

Dior chairs look as if they had been made just for a fabulous wedding. They are exactly as if their artistic creator wanted to give a completely new face to the highest fashion. His style is immortal.

Dior chairs as a symbol of luxury

Gold is a symbol of abundance and luxury since time immemorial. Gold and white colours work in a symbiosis, embodying luxury and elegance. Dior chairs consist of a gold frame, backrest and a seat of white leatherette.

They perfectly harmonize with gold decorations, such as gilded plates, gold candles, glittering textiles, vintage elements, or artistic paintings and sculptures. Dior chairs are designed for those who want to arrange a feast or event in the glamour style and stand out in a crowd. They are just unmistakable. Magnificent weddings, spectacular banquets or important cultural events - these are the places where Dior chairs fit perfectly.

Comfort worthy of a king

A great event is an unforgettable experience only when all guests feel comfortable. The excellent atmosphere includes food, music, great company, but also comfortable sitting. The elegance of Dior chairs is certainly not detrimental to comfort. Highly comfortable seating provides soft leatherette cushions and oval backrest. These elements, in addition to looking charming, ensure that even after midnight none of the guests will feel uncomfortable.

Neat curves by Dior

Dior chairs are in a way eccentric, much like the personality after whom they got their name. The name of the famous fashion designer Christian Dior became synonymous with luxury fashion during the second half of the 20th century and has maintained this status to this day. He was one of France's greatest icons and also one of the most influential designers of all time.

Christian Dior's most significant work was the New Look collection. In it, he presented a new silhouette that emphasized feminine beauty, gentle grace and elegance. It consisted of subtle shoulders, a wasp waist and a bulky skirt in the shape of a blooming flower. Dior brought about a revolution that has been etched in the memory of the fashion world forever. He created a brand that still produces luxury clothing, fashion accessories and perfumes. And perhaps New look was the inspiration of designers in the creation of Dior chairs. Their silhouette is made of graceful curves, round shapes without sharp edges that would disturb its design.

Dior weeding chairs are extravagant but elegant. Decorative, yet comfortable. A little retro but modern. In short, the ideal combination for stylish seating.

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