Tiffany chairs

Tiffany chairs

A wedding, gala evening, or any major social event require sitting in the highest style. This can be achieved with classic Tiffany chairs, also known as Chiavari. Tiffany chairs have more than 200 years of tradition.

It was first designed in the Italian town of Chiavari at the beginning of the 19th century. Over time, they became fashionable for huge weddings with lavish decorations. Their popularity has grown all over the world. They appeared at the most prestigious weddings, such as the 1953 John and Jackie Kennedy wedding.

Even today, they are an icon of wedding receptions, various festivals, prestigious cultural and social events. Their style and grandeur just never lose its originality.

What do Tiffany chairs look like?

Tiffany chairs shine in any design. They are available in many variations of materials and colors. Chairs are made of wood, metal or hard plastic.

For example, the natural colour of lacquered wood - this fine-tunes the chamber atmosphere. On the other hand, on weddings or baptisms, Chiavari chairs in pure and elegant white colour or limewash, where the top white layer intertwines with shades of wood, excel beautifully. Gold or silver chairs are made for places that require a little luxury. The specialty is a transparent plastic, which at first glance acts as a crystal, refracts light and excel in colour light effects at evening parties.

When choosing colours, however, the game with Chiavari chairs does not end. They can be "dressed" to complement the decoration perfectly. The backrests excel with colourful ribbons or gold or silver sashes, velvet or satin, lace, flowers ... The cushion will increase seating comfort. Creativity knows no bounds. That's why Chiavari chairs are the favourite of wedding agencies - thanks to them, they can bring decoration to perfection.

Reliable and noble Tiffany chairs

It's no coincidence that Tiffany chairs are so popular. With their subtle elegance, coupled with a lightweight design, they are perfectly suited for endlessly long tables at large banquets, but also for the conference hall or for hundreds of viewers. They look perfect in the interior of a restaurant or hotel, but also on the terrace and in the blooming garden.

The practicality and quality of Tiffany chairs is undeniable. If you need to free up space, simply stack the chairs and put them aside - they don't take up much space. Although they excel in their lean feel, they are also very solid and durable. They have a load capacity of at least 120 kg.

The glory of Tiffany, or also Chiavari chairs, is truly deserved. It is a clear choice for your refined taste. Neither the most demanding bride nor the organizer of the business conference can reject it. It is great for banquets and christenings, for modest or demanding guests ... Tiffany chairs are just elegant, refined and practical seating.

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