Church seating


“And Ehud came unto him; and he was sitting in a summer parlour, which he had for himself alone. And Ehud said, I have a message from God unto thee. And he arose out of his seat.“
Judges 3,20

Choosing the right church seating is quite a difficult task. It was the church pews that have accompanied millions of people around the world in their faith for centuries, and these form an important part of the tradition even today.

Church pews can provide seating for many people. Their dimensions adapt to all visitors to the church, they are comfortable for families with small children who do not yet want to sit on separate chairs.
From an aesthetic point of view, they look like made exactly for the space of the church. They are traditional, wooden, sometimes decorated with carved patterns, sometimes clean, minimalist.

Church seating formed with three church chairs ZOE

Modern churches all over Europe and America are changing pews for chairs. The main reasons are:

  • Flexibility.

Various festivities or activities take place in the church. The chairs can be moved, put aside. They can create exactly as many seats and as much free space as is needed at that particular moment.

  • Comfort.

Soft seat cushion, quilted with fabric, soft to the touch ... Attending a service with comfortable seating is a very pleasant, undisturbed experience.

What happens when church pews are replaced by chairs

    Faith forms traditions. Holidays, regular services, prayers, ceremonies, temple architecture, and church seating are all part of the traditions we can rely on in our lives.
    Even a small change, such as replacing church pews with more practical chairs, can seem like too much of an impact on the atmosphere of the temple. Therefore, some, especially older, conservative believers may not be enthusiastic about modernizing the church.
    The chairs are practical and comfortable. However, many believers lack the proven pews that have accompanied them through faith since early childhood.

Church pews form by chairs which provides very comfortable seating in church.

ZOE church chairs - the perfect compromise

Imagine a church pew that meets all the aesthetic requirements for traditional church seating. However, if necessary, you can unfold it into individual chairs, stack it and put it away.
ZOE church chairs can do this.
ZOE is the only church chair of its kind. The connection to the monolithic pew preserves the tradition of church seating. This connection with an invisible magnet is so inconspicuous that it does not interfere at all with the minimalist design of the bench.
    To date, only chairs have been available that have been fastened together. It was visible and disturbed the aesthetic line. The chairs fulfilled a practical function, but the traditional appearance of the bench was disturbed.
The line formed by the ZOE church chairs is perfect. No gaps in the seat area or between the backrests.
The connection of the chairs creates a reliable, solid church pew. By disconnecting, you get church chairs.

The wooden church seating ZOE with upholstered seat

Always beautiful seating, minimalist and elegant.

No one in the world has created anything like that yet. The ZOE church chair / pew with a protective registered design is the very first. It is the perfect compromise between a church pew and chairs.

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