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Traditions are the support that guides us throughout our lives. Therefore, even if we are starting a completely new business, we find inspiration in old projects proven by years. In gastronomy, this is doubly true.

The oldest restaurant in the world has survived wars

Sobrino de Botin Restaurant, listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest in the world, has been offering specialties for 300 years. It is located in Madrid, in an original 18th-century building. The company was first opened under the name Casa Botin in 1725 by the French chef Jean Botin and his Austrian wife.

The couple had no children, so they left the restaurant to their nephew. He renamed it to Sobrino de Botin. Sobrino means nephew in Spanish.

The restaurant has attracted a number of famous writers who have mentioned it in their works - Ernest Hemingway, Frederick Forsyth, Graham Greene, James A. Michener ... They have all been inspired by this magical place. In 1765, a young painter Goya was employed here as a dishwasher.

What’s the sitting in Botin like?

Tables with classic white tablecloths are arranged under low vaulted ceilings. The walls are paved with old terracotta bricks.

Decorated benches and chairs made of dark solid wood with red soft cushions must be very comfortable. Customers dine in the soft light of small lamps, soaking up the atmosphere of history.

Comfortable seating is just one of the many aspects that make dinner at the restaurant an unforgettable experience. Sobrino de Botin has an atmosphere created by the Botin family through hard work and preserved by the Gonzalez family even during difficult times, when the restaurant served as a dining room for soldiers.

Many of the employees have been working here for several decades. They preserve traditional recipes and treat customers with unprecedented respect. They serve specialties baked in the original, 300-year-old oven, or sangria guided by tradition and a Spanish appetite for a perfectly balanced taste.

Creating such an atmosphere in a newly opened restaurant is a huge challenge.

Which chairs to choose for the restaurant?

The gastronomic experience is perfect only if it is supported by a comfortable sitting. Wooden Crossback chairs are a complete classic. They bring a touch of the last century to the rooms. In the natural colour of wood, or in white or limewash color - a little vintage and informally charming.

More festive, as well as proven by tradition, are Tiffany/Chiavari chairs. They help create a romantic atmosphere. With their slim construction, they do not optically flood the space and give it a subtle elegance. Tiffany chairs are great for restaurants where weddings will take place.

Washington chairs create a touch of luxury and rococo pomp. With their distinctive gold frame and round white seat cushion, they will make every dinner an exceptional event. Each of these chairs stands out with its solid construction, which ensures that they can withstand even the daily crowds of customers. Offer them great food and a pleasant sitting. Don't let a single place unoccupied in the evening!

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